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The problem of small arms proliferation is multidimensional– that is why such a broad array of organisations around the world are so concerned about it. On this page you will find the latest news and resources on some of the hot topics for groups working against small arms and light weapons.

Latest news

UN Small Arms Process

The Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the UN Raymond O. Wolfe celebrates the achievements of the UN Programme of Action on small arms (PoA) over the last 10 years and looks forward to the Review Conference on the PoA in an article published in the UN Chronicle.

Weapons collection and destruction

The Government of South Sudan has announced the start of disarmament campaigns in volatile states following recent clashes between armed groups where hundreds of people are thought to have been killed.

Armed violence and development

On 8 January, thousands of people in 22 US states participated in a national commemoration of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona where the legal owner of a semiautomatic handgun shot and killed 6 people and injured 14.

Armed violence and development

Guns were used in nearly 75% of the 18,929 homicides committed in El Salvador in the period 2007-2011, according to new research by Centro de la Sociedad Civil para el Monitoreo y Evaluación de la Violencia and Fundación para la Democracia, Seguridad y Paz.

Armed violence and development

In the DR Congo, the Minister of Interior and Security, in cooperation with IANSA member Réseau Congolais d'Action sur les Armes Légères (RECAAL) and the National Commission om small arms hosted a morning of education on best practice for disarmament on 6 January.

Latest resources

International trade controls

Details on export control systems of key states are presented in the new book ‘The International Arms Trade’ by IANSA member Rachel Stohl and Suzette Grilliot.


Few survivors of Sierra Leone's armed conflict have yet received reparation or compensation, according to a report by UK-based Leonard Cheshire Disability.

A new report “Stopping the Destructive Spread of Small Arms” discusses the challenges that gun proliferation poses for sustainable security and development.

Women, gender and guns

To mark International Women's Day, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has published its first edition of the ‘Gender Monitor’.

This 2009 report from the UN Secretary-General recommends that armed violence prevention should be part of the review process for the Millennium Development Goals. It also recommends that armed violence prevention programmes recognise the gendered nature of armed violence.