Work areas

The problem of small arms proliferation is multidimensional– that is why such a broad array of organisations around the world are so concerned about it. On this page you will find the latest news and resources on some of the hot topics for groups working against small arms and light weapons.

Latest news

In the northern town of Maali in Guinea, New Year was celebrated with an event to raise awareness among young people about HIV/AIDS and the proliferation of small arms. More than 1000 people attended the event, which was covered in the national media.

International trade controls

The 2005 EU Strategy against small arms proliferation is critically analysed in a new report from the Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP).

Marking and tracing

“Ammunition Marking: Current Practices and Future Possibilities”, a new Small Arms Survey Issue Brief, provides practical and technical insight into the process of marking ammunition

National gun laws

Several of the newly elected mayors and governors in Colombia who were inaugurated on 1 January have begun their term with the launch of innovative disarmament programmes. In the province of Antioquia and the city Medellín a ban on gun carrying by civilians was extended to the end of 2012.

National gun laws

In the Dominican Republic, the lower house of Congress has approved a bill to modify the law on the control and regulation of firearms, ammunition, explosives and other related materials.

Latest resources

Security sector reform

A training video on how to police during elections according to humanitarian and legal standards has been launched by UNREC, the UN regional centre for disarmament in Africa.

International trade controls is a new web-based information clearinghouse which aims to reduce the involvement of arms traffickers in humanitarian aid and peace-keeping operations.

National gun laws, Regional Cooperation

A new report analyses Colombia's national laws in the light of international instruments on small arms control.

Women, gender and guns

A quarter of Peruvian women that were killed in 2009 were shot, according to a report by the Observatory on Criminality, part of the National Attorney's Office.

Armed violence and development

A new article analyses the connections between crime and the economic and political situation in Uruguay.