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The problem of small arms proliferation is multidimensional– that is why such a broad array of organisations around the world are so concerned about it. On this page you will find the latest news and resources on some of the hot topics for groups working against small arms and light weapons.

Latest news

Rural Development and Youth Training Institute in India organised two rural youth rallies against gun violence. The rallies took place in the Mandar-Gar and Jaspura villages in the Kota District, Rajastha. About 175 rural youths, farmers, women, and girls and boys actively participated in the campaign. All the participants made a vow that they will not tolerate armed violence or the misuse of guns in their communities.

Women in Alternative Action Cameroon held discussions with authorities of the Ministry of External Relations in Cameroon to bring attention to the forthcoming ATT conference and the need for quick ratification of the Kinshasa Convention and to call for improvement of Cameroon’s gun policy.

Armed violence and development

In Colombia, Redepaz Antioquia is organising film screenings, discussions and workshops about gun control and human rights violations at gunpoint. For more information, see

International trade controls

Daniel Mack of Instituto Sou da Paz and member of IANSA’s International Advisory Council (IAC) has written an article on the massacres in Syria and the need for a robust Arms Trade Treaty entitled “‘International Community’: To Syria, What Is It Good For?” The article is available here.

The UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Angela Kane, has called on governments to work with civil society during the Global Week of Action against Gun Violence, 11-17 June 2012. In her endorsement of the WoA, Ms Kane highlighted the importance of small arms control in the global disarmament agenda.

Latest resources

A summary report of the side event 'Measurability and Implementation - Country-by-country comparisons of marking, tracing, record-keeping and other norms', coorganized by and the Permanent Missions of Australia and New Zealand to the United Nations on 13 May 2011.

UN Small Arms Process

A summary report of the side event 'Beyond Boundaries in Eastern Africa', coorganized by The Permanent Missions of Finland & Kenya to the United Nations on 13 May 2011.

Survivors, Women, gender and guns

This publication, written by IANSA woman Laura Lyddon, features 16 testimonies acquired by IANSA of women survivors of gun violence from a number of different countries.

A summary report of the side event 'Establishment and maintenance of effective national record-keeping systems for small arms and light weapons' held on 12 May 2011.

A summary report of the main points of the afternoon session on Thursday 12 May at the Open-Ended Meeting of Governmental Experts, 9-13 May 2011.