Stockpile management and security

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The German Government is providing EUR 750,000 for specialist Libyan and international teams to locate, secure and destroy small arms and ammunition arsenals.

In Cyprus, 13 people were killed, including the Head of the Navy, and the island’s biggest power station was destroyed when 98 containers of ammunition and explosives blew up at the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base on 11 July.

The latest edition of NATO Review has the theme "Small Arms, Big Impact".

Unplanned explosions at munitions sites have been reported in almost a third of UN Member States and on every continent except Australia and Antarctica since 1998, according to a new publication by the Small Arms Survey.

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This article was written by Félix Kokou Aklavon, member of the International Advisory Council (IAC) and the Togolese Action Network on Small Arms (RASALT) for the Small Arms Monitor during the preparatory committee for the 2012 Review Conference on the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA).

An article by the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) about the devastating effects of poorly secured weapons and ammunition stockpiles in many developing countries has been published on the Defence Management Journal website.

The annual report of the United States Conventional Weapons Destruction program, ‘To Walk the Earth in Safety’, has been released.

A timeline covering major accidents at munitions depots from 1997 to 2009 around the world has been published by the US government.