Most homicides in El Salvador committed with guns

Guns were used in nearly 75% of the 18.929 homicides committed in El Salvador in the period 2007-2011, according to new research by Centro de la Sociedad Civil para el Monitoreo y Evaluación de la Violencia and Fundación para la Democracia, Seguridad y Paz. In a study on public safety in the country, they found that violence was the leading cause of death, with 12 homicides per day.87.3% of homicide victims were men. Their publication includes a series of recommendations on violence prevention, including the implementation of national and international agreements on gun control, and programmes for civilian disarmament. They observe that, “It is necessary to break with the myth that only illegal guns are used in homicide”.

Map of homicides - El Salvador 2007-20111.57 MB