Brazil: Instituto Sou da Paz launch guide to children’s disarmament

Instituto Sou da Paz, an IANSA member in Brazil, has launched a practical guide to children's disarmament. It is aimed at policy makers, school administrators, NGOs, and others that wish to develop projects similar to Children's Disarmament Week, which was organised by Instituto Sou da Paz on 11-15 April in Sao Paulo this year. The Week encouraged the exchange of toy guns for gifts, imitating a national campaign for voluntary disarmament where compensation is offered in return for surrendered guns. Vanessa Benaderet Abdo of Instituto Sou da Paz explained that involving children in these activities can make them powerful agents for disarmament. She said, “We hope this guide will encourage such projects and promote discussions between children and adults about the dangers of firearms".

Children's Disarmament in 4 Steps - a Practical Guide 3.83 MB