ATT Prepcom 11-15 July 2011: NGO presentations

On 14 July, members of IANSA and the Control Arms coalition addressed  the UN as part of the third Preparatory Committee on the Arms Trade Tready (ATT).

Carole Engome of the IANSA Women's Network and the Central African Action Network on Small Arms (RASALAC/CAANSA) called for gender-based violence to be taken into account in the principles, goals and objectives of an ATT.
Read her presentation in English here, and in French here.

Jeff Abramson of the Control Arms Secretariat reminded the state delegates to keep the human impact of an Arms Trade Treaty in mind in the negotiation process. He stressed the need for a comprehensive treaty that applies to all types of transfers of arms and requires openness and transparency in its implementation.

Suela Lala, a gun violence survivor and lawyer working on disability rights in Albania, said a strong ATT must include a comprehensive framework for international co-operation and assistance and acknowledge the rights and needs of victims.

Felipe Michelini, Member of Parliament in Uruguay and Parliamentarians for Global Action, highlighted the committment of parliamentarians from all over the world to work for a robust ATT. He also emphasised the need for a treaty to enter into force as soon as possible and said that it should happen once 30 states have ratified the treaty.

Read the presentations in full here:


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