Week of Action campaign ideas: Gun-Free South Africa – Firearms amnesty campaign 2010

As the Global Week of Action against Gun Violence, 13-19 June 2011, approaches, we would like to share with you some ideas about events and campaigns organised by IANSA members - good examples of how to spread messages about gun violence in a creative way. We hope you also find them inspiring!

Gun-Free South Africa – Firearms amnesty campaign 2010

Advertising company Young & Rubicam supported Gun-Free South Africa on a pro bono basis with an innovative campaign to promote a national firearms amnesty. Using the shocking statistics of gun violence as a platform, posters and flyers made the public aware of the problem and invited them to support the amnesty. The posters read:

  • “With thousands of stolen and illegal guns in our streets, there is a bullet out there with your name on it”
  • “Join the unarmed majority! 98% of South Africans do not own guns and want to keep South Africa gun free”.

Cupboards and other large pieces of furniture were placed in high visibility areas. Notices on the outside of the furniture read: "You're not the only one who knows where you keep your gun". Passersby were so surprised to find furniture in public spaces, that scores of them stopped to read the message!    

This campaign is inspiring not only because it explored exciting and interesting ways of communicating the gun amnesty message, but because it demonstrates the benefits of collaboration between NGOs and private companies.