NGO Presentations at the ATT Prepcom, 3 March 2011

On 3 March, members of the Control Arms Campaign addressed the UN, as part of the second session of the Preparatory Committee on the Arms Trade Tready (ATT).

Jasmin Nario-Galace of the Philippine Action Network to Control Arms and IANSA Women’s Network spoke on the need for a strong ATT to prevent human suffering, and emphasised the need to integrate the gender dimension into the treaty. Read presentation

Salah Abdellaoui of Amnesty International Morocco spoke on parameters of an ATT and how current events in North Africa and the Middle East have shown clearly how a broad range of weaponry, munitions and related equipment can be used for serious violations oh human rights,  underscoring the urgency for an effective Arms Trade Treaty. Read presentation

Roy Isbister of Saferworld spoke on the need for and meaning of a fully comprehensive scope of an ATT. Read presentation

Hector Guerra from Mexico spoke on behalf of the Control Arms Campaign on the devastating effects of armed violence and presented a set of recommendations for how an ATT could and should help reduce such violence and ensure effective victims assistance. Read presentation in Spanish

Anna McDonald of Oxfam spoke on the links between the arms trade and development and called on states to seize the opportunity to make the ATT an instrument that brings together humanitarian, human rights, and poverty reduction efforts with trade regulation. Read presentation