Sweden: Campaign and rally to collect signatures for the Parliamentary Declaration on the ATT

The Swedish Fellowship on Reconciliation (SweFOR), IANSA member in Sweden, held a rally to hand out information and collect signatures for a robust ATT as part of its campaign "Stop Arms Save Life" in Uppsala, north of Stockholm.  SweFOR, in collaboration with a parliamentarian from the Parliamentary Network against SALW and the Parliamentary Forum on SALW, handed out the Parliamentary Declaration and leaflets on the ATT in the Swedish Parliament. Eight parliamentarians signed the Declaration immediately, and another 40 were handed out the declaration with contact details to sign it online. SweFOR and other CSOs also met with the head of the Swedish delegation to the ATT Conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They discussed all the key issues on the table as well as the role and strategy of Sweden, and the EU. Helena Koumi, SweFOR Human Security and Disarmament Programme Secretary, gave an interview on the ATT to the Swedish newspaper ETC.