India: Seminar on the Role of Women in Peace building & Conflict Prevention

The Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection (IIPDEP), IANSA member in India, and Nav Bharat Nirman Sangh- Hyderabad undertook a range of activities for the Global Week of Action. A seminar was held in Hyderabad, South India, which was attended by many political leaders, intellectuals, youth and policy makers. Participants deliberated on how to curb the menace of SALW and urged the Government of India to take leadership in the ATT Diplomatic Conference. IIPDEP also held a seminar on the "Role of Women in Peace building & Conflict Prevention" in Morshi, India. Women leaders, elected representatives of local self-government, women domestic and armed violence victims and youth participated in the seminar. Dr. Nalini, President of the Association of Medical Women in India, informed participants about the work of IANSA Women. IIPDEP also arranged a workshop in Salbardi, in which elected Representatives of local self-government (Panchyat Samittee, Zilla Parishad) and provincial members of Parliament took part. Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey, President of IIPDEP and member of the IANSA International Advisory Council (IAC), informed participants about the work of IANSA and the ATT.