Cameroon: IANSA Women on national radio interactive programme

Women in Alternative Action - WAA Cameroon were the main guests on the National Radio CRTV broad audience interactive programme Morning Safari. The interactive, call-in programme was geared towards bringing attention to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Diplomatic Conference in July 2012, the UNPoA Review Conference as well as on the need for the Cameroon Government to ratify the Kinshasa Convention and to harmonise the draft firearms law proposed by WAA Cameroon to Ministries and Parliament. Listeners sought to know how the ATT and UNPoA would curb the proliferation of SALW and to understand the purpose of the ATT and WAA’s expectations for the treaty. WAA-Cameroon stated that expectations are high especially as Cameroon is party to the African Common position, and called on the Cameroon delegation to take active part in the negotiations. The event was described by outside commentators as “successful awareness-raising on a topic as sensitive as SALW”. Following the show, media outlets such the Daily Newspaper and The Cameroon Tribune contacted WAA-Cameroon for an interview on the ATT and the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence.