Mali: IANSA members host press conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

On 20 March, IANSA members hosted a press conference in Bamako, Mali, on the campaign for a strong Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to help prevent serious human rights abuses and atrocities committed with small arms. Speakers included Amadou Maiga of the West Africa Action Network on Small Arms – Mali (WAANSA Mali) and Network of Journalists for Security and Development in West Africa (RJSDAO), Fatoumata Maiga of Association des Femmes pour les Initiatives de Paix (AFIP), Mariam Maiga of Coalition Nationale de la Société Civile pour la Paix et la Lutte contre la Prolifération des Armes Légères (CONASCIPAL), Abdoulaye Ag Hamado of the National Commission on small arms and two representatives from Amnesty International Mali. The event was attended by 48 journalists.