Venezuela: Seminar on gun violence reduction

Representatives from Viva Rio, the Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons, IANSA and the UN Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-LiREC) joined the Venezuelan Presidential Commission on Gun and Ammunition Control and Disarmament in a seminar to share experiences on gun violence reduction, held in Caracas on 26 - 27 January. Participants were informed that Venezuelan authorities are in the process of organising a public consultation; a national campaign; a set of new legal measures and several research projects to curb the country’s rate of firearms-related homicide, which is among the highest in Latin America. Antonio Rangel said: "It has been long awaited for Venezuela to follow the best gun control and disarmament practices. The good side of this is that [Venezuela] can enrich its own processes by watching and learning from others’ experiences".