UK: Former IANSA Board member and gun control campaigner Mick North calls for a strong Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

Former IANSA Board member Dr Mick North, who lost his 5-year old daughter in the 1996 Dunblane primary school shooting, is calling on the UK government to support a strong ATT that can help prevent gun violence. In a statement, he said, "Over the next few months the UK's voice must remain strong, consistent and direct…We've come too far to weaken our stance and I want Prime Minister David Cameron to ensure that the UK remains fully committed to securing a strong treaty". On 13 February, in an event in Glasgow organised by the Scottish sections of Amnesty International and Oxfam, he was joined by David Grimason, a gun control campaigner whose 2-year old son was killed in crossfire in Turkey in 2003. David Grimason said, “At the moment three-quarters of a million people are dying every year … because of the easy access to firearms, I think this treaty will reduce the amount of firearms out there and save a number of lives and make the world a lot safer".