IANSA members campaign for a strong ATT

During the ATT PrepCom, IANSA members were active lobbying, campaigning and hosting side events. On 15 February, the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) hosted the side event 'Monitoring an ATT: The Role of Public Health and Civil Society. Speakers included Robert Mtonga and Donald Mellman of IPPNW, Omolade Oladejo of the Nigerian Ministry of Defence, and IANSA Director Mirjana Dokmanovic. On 16 February, the Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network and the IANSA Women’s Network jointly hosted the event "Gender and United Nations Arms Trade Treaty". The purpose of this event was to promote the inclusion of gender language as well as victim assistance provisions within the ATT. Presentations were made by Binalakshmi Nepram of the Manipur Gun Survivors Network, Jasmin Galace of the Centre for Peace Education, Hector Guerra of the IANSA Survivor’s Network and Andrew Cooper of the Australian Delegation. Summaries from both side events are available here.