Brazil: Young people participate in community survey on guns and disarmament

In Brazil, a group of ten young researchers conducted a survey in M'Boi Mirim in São Paulo exploring perceptions and attitudes on security, gun control and voluntary disarmament in the area. Organised as part of the Arms Control Plan of the City of Sao Paulo and coordinated by Instituto Sou da Paz, the research was completed in a four month period with over 300 respondents. The project reached out to young people, the group most affected by violence in Brazil, with the aim of involving them in the public debate on the risks around guns and gun violence. Cíntia Freitas, a 16-year old participant said, "Participating in the consultation was a great experience. We learned a lot from people's views and about safety in the neighbourhood. The willingness of young people to mobilise in the campaign for disarmament was surprising".