Guinea: Youth celebrate New Year with event to prevent small arms proliferation

In the northern town of Maali in Guinea, New Year was celebrated with an event to raise awareness among young people about HIV/AIDS and the proliferation of small arms. More than 1000 people attended the event, which was covered in the national media. It was organised by the visiting Youth Council of Kedougou, Senegal, as part of efforts to promote integration between Senegal and Guinea. The president of the Senegalese group said, “We need to join forces to fight these two scourges and ensure social stability and health in our bordering countries”. Activities included a question and answer session and the performing of music and poetry on the themes of the event, including the consequences of misuse of guns, the dangers of homemade weapons, and security in the home. Participants were invited to become mediators and help to inform their communities about what they had learned.