US: Paediatrics call for gun control to prevent injuries among children

Around 20,600 children are injured by a gun every year in the US, and more than 8,360 die as a result of their injuries, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). In a study released on 17 October, they found that more than a third of these injuries where unintentional. Lead author Dr. Saranya Srinivasan said, "This is a significant finding… We hope this research will bring attention to the issue of pediatric firearm injuries, and that we can continue to focus our efforts on firearm injury prevention campaigns". The study concludes that “the most effective measure to prevent firearm-related injuries to children and adolescents is the absence of guns from homes and communities... Firearm regulation, to include bans of handguns and assault weapons, is the most effective way to reduce firearm-related injuries”.