India: Women medical doctors discuss impact of guns on women's health

More than 375 women medical doctors from all over India discussed the impact of guns on women’s health during the national conference of the Association of Medical Women in India (AMWI) in Nagpur, India, on 15-16 October. Participants included Representatives from International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and their ‘Aiming for Prevention’ programme. Dr. Arti Basu, of AMWI gave a keynote speech on “tackling violence against women, issues and strategies”. She spoke about sexual and other forms of violence against women during militant attacks in North East India, Jammu & Kashmir, and the experience of medical personnel treating women with injuries as a result of attacks with guns. Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey of the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection (IIPDEP) and the IANSA International Advisory Council spoke about IANSA, IPPNW and how to get involved in work on the small arms issue.