Brazil: National football team joins campaign for voluntary disarmament

The Brazilian national football team is supporting the Brazilian Disarmament Network, a coalition of more than 70 organisations, in a campaign for voluntary disarmament. When the team played Argentina on 28 September, Brazilian players entered the field holding a banner that displayed the message, “ Remove a gun from the future of Brazil”. The event was broadcast in more than 30 countries. Antonio Rangel of Viva Rio, a member of the Network, said, "Sport is about fraternity and peace, not about war and violence. Therefore, we see a natural link between football and disarmament. Considering the popularity of this sport in Brazil, we are delighted that we were able to convince the national football team to join us in promoting the campaign during international games”. He reported that Viva Rio will be working to make disarmament the 'social cause" of the next football World Cup, to be held in Brazil in 2014. An image of the event is available here.