Togo: Civil society pushes for strong African SALW strategy and Common Position on ATT

From 26-30 September, member states of the African Union are meeting in Lomé, Togo to consider a draft SALW control strategy, and elaborate an African Common Position on the ATT for the negotiating conference in 2012. IANSA staff and members are participating in this meeting to present civil society’s views to delegates from all over Africa. On 26 September, IANSA was joined by Togolese footballer Liyabé Kpatoumbi for a press conference in Lomé. He was part of Togo’s national football team which was attacked by gunmen in Angola before the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and he spoke about the experience and consequences of this attack. IANSA members urged delegates present to agree upon a strong Common Position that supports the inclusion of small arms and ammunition, and explicit mention of gender based violence in the ATT.