Burundi: Mass shooting in bar kills more than 40 people

On 18 September, armed men entered a bar in Gatumba, Burundi, shooting and killing at least 40 people. It is one of the most deadly attacks in the country since the end of the civil war, which left more than 300,000 people killed and an estimated 200 000 illegal weapons in civilian hands. Celsius Barahinduka of REBAL BUANSA said, “It is important to note that this event follows a series of similar incidents and adds to a trend of increasing levels of violence and insecurity since the controversial elections in May 2010. As a result, we are seeing that many civilians are again taking up arms, reversing the effects of a Government disarmament programme that ended in 2009”. He stressed the need for the government to restore security and begin a second phase of disarmament in cooperation with civil society.