Brazil: Successful disarmament week in Sao Paolo

A Disarmament Week took place from 8-13 August in the M’Boi Mirim area of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The local authority and civil society, including IANSA member Instituto Sou da Paz, organised collection points and 21 firearms and 190 rounds of ammunition were surrendered during the week. According to Alice Ribeiro of Instituto Sou da Paz, the area was once considered one of the most dangerous in the world but has seen a significant decline in the number of homicides and violent incidents over the last decade. She attributes the positive change to the coordination and commitment of local citizens, authorities, civil society groups and religious leaders. She said, “Research has shown that for every 18 guns taken out of circulation in Sao Paulo, a life is saved. Therefore, this project successfully saved at least one life thanks for the collaborative efforts of its  partners”. Pictures from the events are available at