Cayman Islands: Guns cast in concrete at launch of firearms amnesty

In the Cayman Islands, police launched their annual gun amnesty on 1 July by destroying over 300 guns and 2600 rounds of ammunition collected last year. Broken pieces of firearms were cast in concrete blocks which will be used as permanent sea moorings at the base of a Marine unit in Newlands. According to Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden, around 50 armed robberies have been reported on the islands so far this year. He said, “No one in the community wants to see these kinds of crimes in Cayman. We are appealing for any unwanted, unlicensed and illegally held guns to be handed in so we can get the weapons off the street and prevent them from being used to kill and maim people”. The month-long amnesty will conclude on 31 July. More information is available on the Royal Cayman Islands Police facebook page.