Albania: ALB-AID brief media on gun violence

On 20 June, to mark the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, the Albanian Assistance for Integration and Development (ALB-AID) held a press conference in Tirana, Albania. On the panel were Ahmed Kalaja, representing the local Muslim community, Jonuz Kola and Ilir Shkalla, both from ALB-AID. Children from areas with high levels of gun violence were also present. Mr. Shkalla highlighted the ‘Arms Down’, campaign, coordinated by Religions for Peace, and called on the Albanian government to stop the spread and use of illegal weapons, enforce strong gun control policies and help raise awareness in communities to stop gun violence. Mr. Kola presented ALB-AID’s work to reduce gun violence, pointing out that 65 people have been killed by guns in Albania so far this year. Mr. Kalaja congratulated ALB-AID’s work and called on the state and civil society to refrain from using guns and show solidarity and peace with each other. Five TV stations broadcast the press conference in their main news programs and Ora News TV transmitted it live. Several newspapers also covered the event.