West Africa: Events in Benin, Mali, and Togo

In West Africa, activities have been organised by several national networks that are members of WAANSA, the West African Action Network on Small Arms. WAANSA Mali, alongside the Network of Journalists for Security and Development (RJSDAO), held a press conference to launch the week which was attended by 19 journalists and a representative from the National Commission who shared the news that the Commission is now represented in all provinces of Mali and participating in weapons collection projects. In Togo, the Réseau d’Action sur les Armes Légères au Togo (RASALT), Amnesty International Togo and the UN Regional Centre on Peace and Disarmament (UNREC) hosted a radio programme on Kanal FM in Lomé on gun violence, and the need for stronger regulation on the arms trade. Roger Glokpor from UNREC spoke about the contribution of the United Nations in the ATT process. WAANSA Benin launched the week on the Gerdes Africa Radio and issued press releases in four languages: French, Torri, Goun and Yoruba.