Lebanon: Students discuss ‘taboo’ small arms issues

On the final day of the week, Permanent Peace Movement organised training on the dangers of having a gun in the home. In attendance were 16-18 year-old students from a high school in Dhour el Chweyr, Lebanon. The participants took a keen interest in the topic and decided to produce a short documentary that could be used as a tool to raise awareness in schools and other forums. According to the organisers, the training was a rare opportunity for the students to discuss small arms openly, as it is a very sensitive issue in Lebanon. Earlier in the week, Fadi Abi Allam of PPM was interviewed on Lebanese Local TV station about the Global week of Action. He highlighted the need to talk about the dangers of small arms in Lebanese society, the strong links between masculinities and guns in the male-dominated Arab culture, and celebratory shooting, a common phenomenon in the region.