Kosovo: Seminar on celebratory gunfire and gun violence

On 17 June the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo hosted a seminar on celebratory gunfire and gun violence, in Pristina, Kosovo. It was organised with support from the Kosovo Police and the UNDP Kosovo Small Arms Control Initiative (KOSSAC). Speakers included Bajram Rexhepi, Minister of Internal Affairs, who spoke about the government’s strategy to combat gun violence, including the development of an integrated legislative framework under the Department of Public Safety. He called for support from civil society and the public in reporting on incidents involving weapons and advocating for safer behaviour. Ilir Kukaj, of the National Forensic Agency, warned about the dangers of celebratory shooting, saying, "Before you shoot in the air always keep in mind that you can kill someone. Remember that it is the speed of the bullet that kills, not the heat". The event was covered in several national newspapers, TV and radio broadcasters and news agencies.