DR Congo: IANSA members activities in the media

Across DR Congo IANSA members are focusing on media engagement. Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC) have published press releases in three national newspapers about their activities, organised with support from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Country Office. The Association of Volunteers for the Rehabilitation of Orphaned Children (AVREO) spoke about the Week in an appearance on ‘Messager du Peuple’ radio in Uvira, South Kivu. Association de Voluntaires du Congo (ASVOCO) held a press briefing on the Central African Convention on Small Arms, also known as the Kinshasa Convention. The Congolese Action Network on Small Arms (RECAAL) along with Securitas and CEJP hosted a conference in Kinshasa with a speaker from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finally, Mr. José Ikongo, National Focal Point on small arms and Permanent Secretary of the National Commission appeared on national TV to emphasise the role of the government in reducing gun violence in DR Congo.