Burundi: Voices of survivors for the Week of Action 2011

In Burundi, voices of survivors have been the center of focus in several activities organised by IANSA members. In Bubanza, Dagropass collected testimonies from survivors of gun violence. One of the women survivors said, “I urge the Burundian government to ensure strict control of weapons, to ensure public security because with the disability we have as a result of our gunshot injury, we have no strength to run away from threats”. Their launch event was attended by a large variety of representatives, including from local authorities, women and youth groups, the justice and public security sector, religious groups and from the media. They also issued a list of recommendations on how to improve both the situation of survivors and gun control. In the province of Ngozi , Colonie de pionniers pour le Développement (CPD) organised a public debate on armed violence where survivors of armed violence made recommendations to the Government of Burundi and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS). Representatives of the governor, police and army, attended the event.