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Full Members of IANSA are civil society organisations whose work includes action to stop firearm proliferation and misuse. They must sign and adhere to the Members’ Charter, and support the mission statement, values and current policy positions of IANSA and demonstrate that some of their activities further the mission.

Latest news from members

Gun Control Network

On 13 March we commemorate the anniversary of the Dunblane primary school shooting in Scotland, in which 16 small children and their teacher lost their lives.

On 1 March, Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed an Executive Order that creates a Steering Committee to implement the National Action Plan (NAP) on UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820.

On 11 March we commemorate the first anniversary of the mass shooting at Albertville Secondary School.

Oxfam International

This week Oxfam launched “Shooting Poverty”, a film competition that invites young filmmakers to submit their written vision for a short documentary focusing on the impact on development of armed violence and the arms trade.

Thirteen people were killed when armed bandits attacked a village in southern Philippines last week, according to reports. An estimated 70 armed men carried out a dawn raid on the village of Tubigan, in Basilian province, 900 miles south of Manila, opening fire before setting houses alight.