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The report presents (Part I and Part II) a series of cases - from the 1980s to present - that illustrate and document the continuous involvement of aviation companies in the business of war, namely in the arms supply chains and also in covert operations, all of which have often resulted in consequent severe violations of human rights, from Nicaragua to Armenia, from D.R. Congo to Afghanistan and Rwanda.

The new report 'Transparency and accountability: monitoring and reporting methods under an Arms Trade Treaty' has been released by TransArms Research and the International Peace Information Service (IPIS).

"Mapping the Labyrinth: more on the strange weapons flight of 4L-AWA", written by TransArms and International Peace Information Service, is the third in a series of reports about the case of a IL-76 aircraft used for an apparently clandestine arms flight from Pyongyang in contravention of the United Nations arms embargo on North Korea.