Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR)

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The Swedish Fellowship on Reconciliation (SweFOR), IANSA member in Sweden, held a rally to hand out information and collect signatures for a robust ATT as part of its campaign "Stop Arms Save Life" in Uppsala, north of Stockholm.  SweFOR, in collaboration with a parliamentarian from the Parliamentary Network against SALW and the Parliamentary Forum on SALW, handed out the Parliamentary Declaration and leaflets on the ATT in the Swedish Parliament.

Swedish disarmament campaigners are outraged after a new report shows Swedish arms exports are higher than ever, reaching a total value of over 2 billion USD in 2011.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has signed an Interfaith Declaration on an Arms Trade Treaty. He said, "A historic decision was made in 2009 to negotiate a legally binding Arms Trade Treaty.

From 27-30 September, the IANSA Women's Network and SweFOR, in collaboration with the UN Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC), held a regional Women only Training Institute on women, gender and small arms

On 31 March, WILPF Sweden, in cooperation with Amnesty International, Parliamentary Forum, and the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, is hosting the conference 'Disarm Domestic Violence'.

The “Gothenburg IV – Ecumenical Conference on Arms Trade” took place in London on the 27-31 October.

IANSA members in the Dominican Republic, the Instituto Caribeño para el Estado de Derecho (ICED) in cooperation with UNDP organised a debate in parliament focusing on the experience of Bolivia in developing a law to control and regulate firearms.

IANSA members from Latin American and the Caribbean met Ambassador Pablo Macedo, chair of the 2010 Biennial Meeting of States (BMS), in Mexico City on 26-27 April.

20 women from Central America and the Caribbean participated in the women-only training institute on 'Women and small arms control' held in Mexico City, 20-23 April.

The new reality-based comic book “A Helping hand” takes readers inside the world of Swedish arms exports and the global arms trade.