Réseau d'actions Paisibles des Anciens Combattants Pour le Développement Intégré de Tous au Burundi (RAPACODIBU)

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REBAL-BUANSA, RAPACODIBU and MI-RPD, IANSA members in Burundi, took part in a weapons destruction session organised by the CNAP, the Permanent National Commission against the proliferation of SALW, in the Bubanza area. The arms destroyed had been voluntarily handed in by the population in six provinces of the country. This event was extensively covered by media, thanks to the presence of the Minister of Public Security who made a statement about the involvement of the Burundi government in the fight against the proliferation of SALW.

The Group for Research and Information on Peace (GRIP) and RAPACODIBU, IANSA members in Belgium and Burundi have published interviews they held with former female combatants in Burundi. They highlight issues around the reintegration of these women, and discuss women’s motivation for joining armed rebel groups and the potential risk that they will return. Read them here