Réseau Burundais d'Action sur les Armes Legeres (REBAL-BUANSA)


REBAL-BUANSA, RAPACODIBU and MI-RPD, IANSA members in Burundi, took part in a weapons destruction session organised by the CNAP, the Permanent National Commission against the proliferation of SALW, in the Bubanza area. The arms destroyed had been voluntarily handed in by the population in six provinces of the country. This event was extensively covered by media, thanks to the presence of the Minister of Public Security who made a statement about the involvement of the Burundi government in the fight against the proliferation of SALW.

On 18 September, armed men entered a bar in Gatumba, Burundi, shooting and killing at least 40 people.

“Forming coalitions to say no to gun violence: what is everyone’s role?” was the topic of discussion at a conference organised by REBAL-BUANSA and the Permanent National Commission against the proliferation of SALW (CNAP) in Burundi on 17 June.

Good Generation of Burundi, an IANSA member in Burundi, launched an awareness-raising campaign on the Kinshasa Convention by handing a brief calling for the ratification of the Convention to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Good Generation of Burundi hosted a press conference in Bujumbura, which was attended by the President of the National Standing Committee for civilian disarmament,