Project Ploughshares


On 15 February, the Conservative government of Canada won approval in Parliament for Bill C-19 that will abolish the national registry of rifles and shotguns and allow the destruction of records on 7.1 million guns currently registered.

An article by Kenneth Epps of Project Ploughshares outlines how Canada’s contributions to discussions at the ATT PrepCom, 11-15 July, show a negative change in the country’s position on the ATT.

On 18 - 19 April the Caribbean Coalition on Development and Reduction of Armed Violence, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementation Agency for Crime and Security and Project Ploughshares co-hosted a workshop to promote standardisation of firearms legislation in the Caribbean region.

The Autumn 2010 issue of the Ploughshares Monitor is now available. This issue focuses on armed conflict and armed violence and includes articles by Ken Epps on the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations, and by Maribel Gonzales on gender and the UN Programme of Action on small arms.