Permanent Peace Movement (PPM)

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Millions of people, including IANSA members, all over the world marked the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

On the final day of the week, Permanent Peace Movement organised training on the dangers of having a gun in the home.

The Permanent Peace Movement of Lebanon gave training sessions about small arms control to 15 students aged 15-17 and three teachers from schools in Jbeil and Iklim el Kharoub.

The Permanent Peace Movement and the Peacebuilding Academy in Lebanon invite stakeholders, researchers, trainers, and others from all over the world to submit their details to the new ‘Peace Practitioners Database’, a tool aimed at connecting actors in the peacebuilding field.

On 28 April in Hamra, Lebanon, the Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) and The Peace Building Academy launched the results of the research project "Mapping Peacebuilding Knowledge Production in the Middle East and North Africa", a qualitative evaluation of existing studies of conflict and peace in the region. Read more here.