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Action on Armed Violence, SEHLAC (Seguridad Humana en Latinoamerica y el Caribe), CERAC  (Conflict Analysis Resource Centre), SERPAJ Ecuador, Sou da Paz and the Violence Prevention Alliance in Jamaica are launching a report looking at national capacities to address the issue of armed violence in 12 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Daniel Mack of Instituto Sou da Paz and member of IANSA’s International Advisory Council (IAC) has written an article on the massacres in Syria and the need for a robust Arms Trade Treaty entitled “‘International Community’: To Syria, What Is It Good For?” The article is available here.

IANSA member Instituto Sou da Paz celebrates the decision to make a group it has led since 2010 to coordinate the city’s gun control plan into a permanent official body of local government in São Paulo, Brazil.

In Brazil, a group of ten young researchers conducted a survey in M'Boi Mirim in São Paulo exploring perceptions and attitudes on security, gun control and voluntary disarmament in the area.

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has launched a plan to promote disarmament ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Brazil. It includes activities such as giving free tickets, footballs and shirts signed by footballers in return for guns handed in to authorities

In Brazil, IANSA member Instituto Sou da Paz teamed up with religious leaders in São Paulo for a campaign to promote civilian disarmament from 22–30 October.

Guns made in Brazil have been sold to former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and other leaders that have used armed violence to repress their population

A Disarmament Week took place from 8-13 August in the M’Boi Mirim area of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Instituto Sou da Paz, an IANSA member in Brazil, has launched a practical guide to children's disarmament.

In Brazil, Instituto Sou da Pas has launched a ‘cyberaction’ encouraging people to tweet or submit photos of themselves featuring the word ‘#desarme’ (disarmament).

In Brazil, IANSA member Viva Rio collected more than 500 guns in just two weeks as part of a national campaign for voluntary disarmament.

The death toll from yesterday's shooting in the Tasso da Silveira primary school, Rio de Janeiro, rose to 13 as a 13 year old boy who had been injured by a bullet died in local hospital late yesterday.

In Brazil, Instituto Sou da Paz is selecting two projects by young people to 'Disarm the Mind' with a focus on gun control and alternatives to armed violence.

In Brazil, IANSA members are celebrating the success of a campaign to get the Brazilian Disarmament Network elected for membership in the new National Council for Public Security (CONASP).

In Brazil, Sou da Paz has initiated a competition over funding for youth projects directed towards disarmament and awareness raising to discourage the use of guns in the city of São Paulo.

Political commitments from several government gun control actors in Brazil, after Sou da Paz presented its latest research on the 2003 gun law (Disarmament Statute).

New research reveals that gun homicides in the state of São Paulo (Brazil) dropped 70% between 1999 and 2008.