Femmes des Medias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC-ONGDH)


IANSA Women in the DRC Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC), are undertaking a range of activities this week. After having put up large banners with key messages on main streets, they broadcast advertisements and organised a march against the negative consequences of armed violence in Eastern DRC. They also met Congolese officials to encourage them to adopt the law on SALW in DR Congo and to ratify the Kinshasa Convention, and organised a workshop on the content of the ATT and the review of the PoA.

Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC), IANSA Women in the DR-Congo, organised a Week of Action launch event. 49 people attended, including journalists and activists. In his opening speech, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasised that the misuse of guns is not only the basis for violations of human rights and humanitarian law, but also discourages investments and prevents economic growth. Ms.

Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC) have issued a press release on the themes and activities for the week, so far published in three national newspapers.

Across DR Congo IANSA members are focusing on media engagement. Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC) have published press releases in three national newspapers about their activities, organised with support from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Country Office.

In Kinshasa (DR Congo) another regional pre-BMS meeting was attended by IANSA members and government officials from 10 Central African countries.

On 27 March, in Kinshasa (DR Congo), IANSA woman Kenneth Enim Ampi from Women for Justice in Congo organised a meeting to share the information that she gathered during the Arms Trade Treaty campaign meeting, held in Vienna (Austria) last February.