Association des Volontaires du Congo (ASVCO)


ASVOCO, IANSA member in DR Congo, put up 185 banners in schools and universities in North Kivu to raise awareness about gun violence and collect signatures for a petition demanding that the Congolese government ratify the Kinshasa Convention. 

IANSA members in the DR Congo organised a wide range of activities. Association des Volontaires du Congo, ASVCO aired messages on the Global Week of Action on four radios stations, RTNC-Goma, RTCT, Radio Sauti ya INJILI and Radio RAU-FM. ASVCO and MONUSCO organised a march to help child survivors of the misuse of SALW talk about their cases and set up banners in school courtyards. AFIA-FEV, ADIFE Sud-Kivu and AVREO, the coalition of South-Kivu organisations, put banners on main streets and organised a workshop with political and military officials.

M. Mwenebatende Dufina Tabu, president of the Association des Volontaires du Congo (ASVCO) gave a presentation to students of the University of Goma, following by a Q&A session on the week of action campaign, gun violence and the Kinshasa Convention. The students all expressed the wish to participate in a conference on small arms control and to encourage others to sign a petition calling on the central government of the DRC to ratify the Kinshasa Convention. Following the discussions, students decided to collect signatures on Friday at the university.

In DR Congo, Asvoco joined a march organised by MONUSCO for the Day of the African Child as part of their Week of Action activities.

ASVOCO (Association de Voluntaires du Congo) launched the Week of Action with a press briefing in Goma, North Kivu, about the Central African Convention on small arms, also known as the Kinshasa Convention.

Across DR Congo IANSA members are focusing on media engagement. Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC) have published press releases in three national newspapers about their activities, organised with support from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Country Office.