Asociacion Transiciones de Personas Discapacitadas de La Antigua Guatemala


Armed police were responsible for 15% of violent deaths in the Dominican Republic between 2005 and 2010, according to a new report by the Dominican section of Amnesty International.

Transitions Foundation in Guatemala is using the Week of Action to promote their work for people who are disabled as a result of gun violence.

We are sad to report the death of Julio Ramirez, a gun violence survivor and staff member at Transitions Foundation, an IANSA member in Guatemala that works to empower people with disabilities, many a result of gun injuries.

A recent news broadcast featuring Transitions Foundation, IANSA members in Guatemala, is now available in English.

IANSA member Alex Galvez, director of Transicions Foundation in Guatemala, featured in a popular national news program on Friday 3 September to talk about their work empowering people with disabilities as a result of gun violence.