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Asociacion para Politicas Publicas (APP), IANSA member in Argentina conducted a study of firearm-related crimes reported in the media during five days of the Week of Action in 9 countries of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Jamaica, Guatemala and Colombia). Out of 89 homicides, 93% of the victims were men, confirming global gender and gun homicide statistics. 15 were minors between 8 and 18 years old, 59 victims were between 19 and 49 years old and 13 victims were more than 50 years old.

Nearly 60% of women murdered in Argentina from 1997 to 2010 were killed with a gun, according to IANSA member Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP).

Millions of people, including IANSA members, all over the world marked the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

In Argentina, Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP) opened the Week of Action on 13 June with the launch of the campaign '#sumateydesarmate' ('Join and Disarm'), inviting members of the public to send in photos including the hash tag and spread the message in online forums.

In Argentina, IANSA member Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP) report that the second phase of a national campaign for the voluntary surrender of firearms is well underway.

Several IANSA members including Sou da Paz and Viva Rio from Brazil, and Amnesty International Chile participated in a conference on regional arms trafficking, in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 9-10 December.

IANSA member APP presented its new book “International Arms Transfers Control” on 3 June at a Mercosur government meeting in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The Youth Network of Religions For Peace pledged at a seminar in Buenos Aires to collect 50 million signatures worldwide calling for governments to reduce military expenditure by 10% and stop firearms proliferation, in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.