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The UK section of Amnesty International is calling on leaders of the major political parties in the UK to commit to supporting a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty.

Amnesty UK have launched a campaign to reengage its members in the Arms Trade Treaty process.

Members of the Control Arms Campaign have issued a press release demanding a thorough review of UK arms exports to the Middle East and North Africa. 

Amnesty International says a new report from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office reveals that UK policies have facilitated arms sales to Libya and other countries that were inconsistent with the UK government's stated aims of protecting civilians against human rights abuses.

British arms dealer Gary Hyde was arrested last month in the US charged with conspiring to illegally export almost 6,000 Chinese-produced AK-47 magazines to the US in breach of an American embargo.

The “Gothenburg IV – Ecumenical Conference on Arms Trade” took place in London on the 27-31 October.

Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS UK), a UK based network of which IANSA is a member, launched the ‘No women, no peace’ campaign at the House of Commons in London on 11 October.

A new report from Amnesty International “Yemen: Cracking Down Under Pressure” documents human rights violations including unlawful killings with guns believed to have originated in the United Kingdom.

Amnesty International features in a BBC radio documentary which reveals how arms brokering and trafficking networks benefit from lax regulations of shell companies operating under UK jurisdiction.