Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

The Week of Action highlights the international campaign to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. This year the Week of Action took place from the 11-17 June 2012. 

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in another successful Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence. Events were organised all over the world with incredible levels of participation, impact and media coverage, illustrating again the diversity and strength of the global movement. Thank you all for sharing inspirational information, photos and media coverage from your events.  Reports are still coming in and we are working very hard to get them all up on our website. 

Participation during the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence (WoA) 2010 grew to 267 IANSA members in 102 countries confirming that the Week of Action is now synonymous with CSO solidarity on the issue.

2011 saw a wide variety of successful activities in over 80 countries, including many focusing on the UN Programme of Action on small arms, the Arms Trade Treaty and the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign. From murals in Latin America to lawyers' gatherings in Central Asia to football matches in Africa, the diversity of the movement was clearly visible with one unifying message - ‘make us safer from gun violence’.



In a press release to launch the Week in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, Forum pour la Guvernance et les droits de l’Homme (FGDH) reminded the Congolese government about their commitments under the PoA

We are delighted to announce that a new national Action Network on Small Arms has been launched in Rwanda.

In Peru, the Institute of Security and Human Rights (ISDH) hosted a radio interview with the head of the National Commission about what the state of Peru is doing to fight the proliferation of small arms in the country.

In Burundi, Women United for Peace in the Great Lakes Region (FUP/GL) have dedicated the latest edition of their bulletin, ECHOS DES FUP/GL to the Week of Action

The Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA), a member of the Kenya Action Network on Small Arms (KANSA), is inviting people to share their views online on what needs to be done to tackle the proliferation of small arms in East Africa.

Women in Alternative Action, an IANSA member in Cameroon, marked the 10 year anniversary of the UN Programme of Action on small arms (PoA) with a people’s consultation on the Central African Convention on Small Arms, also known as the Kinshasa Convention.

As part of the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, the Nepal Working Group on Small Arms and other portable lethal Weapons (SAplW), an open-ended network of 40 organisations, held a workshop on gun violence in Nepal on 16 June 2011.

In Pakistan, the Society for The Empowerment of People (STEP) organised a meeting for 30 Police officials from different police stations in Khushab, Pakistan.

In Macedonia, Journalists for Human Rights interviewed 1000 women with the aim of developing new research to illustrate the links between gun ownership and domestic violence.

Viva Rio launched the Children’s Disarmament Campaign at the Escola Municipal Tasso da Silveira school in Rio de Janeiro where 12 students were shot dead in April this year.

ASVOCO (Association de Voluntaires du Congo) launched the Week of Action with a press briefing in Goma, North Kivu, about the Central African Convention on small arms, also known as the Kinshasa Convention.

The Association of Volunteers for the Rehabilitation of  Orphaned Children (AVREO) announced their the Week of Action activities in a radio programme on the ‘Messager du Peuple’ radio in Uvira, South Kiv.

Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC) have issued a press release on the themes and activities for the week, so far published in three national newspapers.

From 13-19 June, activists from all over the world participated in the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 2011, to promote survivor rights and assistance, campaign for better gun laws and push for stronger regulation of the global arms trade.

IANSA members, as part of the Control Arms Coalition, are lobbying governments through a letter writing action to call for stronger regulation of the global arms trade.

In Panama, civil society, government and UN agencies are working together to mark the Week.

Amnesty International Chile are taking a billboard around five universities in Santiago to mark the Week of Action.

In West Africa, activities have been organised by several national networks that are members of WAANSA, the West African Action Network on Small Arms.

Ceasefire Campaign, an IANSA member in South Africa, organised a seminar to explore police use of firearms in Johannesburg.

Across DR Congo IANSA members are focusing on media engagement. Femmes des Médias pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC) have published press releases in three national newspapers about their activities, organised with support from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Country Office.

The Permanent Peace Movement of Lebanon gave training sessions about small arms control to 15 students aged 15-17 and three teachers from schools in Jbeil and Iklim el Kharoub.

Cultural Humanitarian Fund "Sukhumi", IANSA member in Georgia, gave leaflets, posters and advice to women’s support centres in Kutaisi, Tskhaltubo, Khoni, Poti and Khurcha.

Hundreds of students attended a lecture organised by the Control Arms Foundation of India, held by Professor of Sociology Ms. Elizabeth Imti on the proliferation of guns & gun violence and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Mokokchung Nagaland, Northeastern India.

APHR has opened an online petition calling on the Parliament of Sri Lanka to amend national gun laws in compliance with the UN Firearms Protocol and the UN Programme of Action on small arms to help prevent gun violence and the proliferation of illegal guns.

The IANSA Women's Network is calling women from around the world to sign on to an open letter calling for a strong Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

As part of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) have issued the following statement:

In Macedonia, CIVIL launched the Week of Action with a Slam Poetry Event at midnight on Sunday 12 June.

Amnesty UK have launched a campaign to reengage its members in the Arms Trade Treaty process.

Two rural youth rallies against gun violence and misuse of small arms were organised by the Rural Development and Youth Training Institute in the Kota District, Rajasthan, India.

Good Generation of Burundi hosted a press conference in Bujumbura, which was attended by the President of the National Standing Committee for civilian disarmament,