Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

The Week of Action highlights the international campaign to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. This year the Week of Action took place from the 11-17 June 2012. 

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in another successful Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence. Events were organised all over the world with incredible levels of participation, impact and media coverage, illustrating again the diversity and strength of the global movement. Thank you all for sharing inspirational information, photos and media coverage from your events.  Reports are still coming in and we are working very hard to get them all up on our website. 

Participation during the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence (WoA) 2010 grew to 267 IANSA members in 102 countries confirming that the Week of Action is now synonymous with CSO solidarity on the issue.

2011 saw a wide variety of successful activities in over 80 countries, including many focusing on the UN Programme of Action on small arms, the Arms Trade Treaty and the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign. From murals in Latin America to lawyers' gatherings in Central Asia to football matches in Africa, the diversity of the movement was clearly visible with one unifying message - ‘make us safer from gun violence’.



Rural Development and Youth Training Institute in India organised two rural youth rallies against gun violence. The rallies took place in the Mandar-Gar and Jaspura villages in the Kota District, Rajastha. About 175 rural youths, farmers, women, and girls and boys actively participated in the campaign. All the participants made a vow that they will not tolerate armed violence or the misuse of guns in their communities.

Women in Alternative Action Cameroon held discussions with authorities of the Ministry of External Relations in Cameroon to bring attention to the forthcoming ATT conference and the need for quick ratification of the Kinshasa Convention and to call for improvement of Cameroon’s gun policy.

In Colombia, Redepaz Antioquia is organising film screenings, discussions and workshops about gun control and human rights violations at gunpoint. For more information, see

Daniel Mack of Instituto Sou da Paz and member of IANSA’s International Advisory Council (IAC) has written an article on the massacres in Syria and the need for a robust Arms Trade Treaty entitled “‘International Community’: To Syria, What Is It Good For?” The article is available here.

The UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Angela Kane, has called on governments to work with civil society during the Global Week of Action against Gun Violence, 11-17 June 2012. In her endorsement of the WoA, Ms Kane highlighted the importance of small arms control in the global disarmament agenda.

The Global Week of Action against Gun Violence 2012 will take place from the 11-17 June. Every year, activists from all over the world join the Week of Action, demonstrating the strength of the global movement against gun violence.

Colonie des Pionniers de Développement (CPD), an IANSA member in Burundi, has published a new report outlining their activities in the second trimester of 2011.

The Human Security Initiative Organization (MAMAN) in Sudan, organised several events during the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 2011, including a discussion forum on small arms and a moving theatre in the state of Khartoum.

The Caribbean Institute for the Rule of Law (ICED), an IANSA member in the Dominican Republic, has released the results of a survey on the impact of firearms in domestic violence against women.

From 22-28 June, IANSA member Mur-Africa Universel held a series of successful events in the Central African Republic, including meetings with military officers, the Muslim community, a Catholic and a Baptist Church.

The Conflict Analysis Resource Center (CERAC) in Colombia allied with local urban artist DjLu in the creation of a mural in Bogotá for the Global Week Of Action Against Gun Violence. The goal was to reach as many people as possible with the message: "In the game of war, nobody wins".

On 20 June, to mark the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, the Albanian Assistance for Integration and Development (ALB-AID) held a press conference in Tirana, Albania.

We are delighted to congratulate everyone involved in another successful Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence.

In Nigeria the International Physicians to Prevent Nuclear War (IPPNW) celebrated the Global Week of Action with adverts on Radio Silverbird Rythm.

In Equatorial Guinea, Amigos de la Naturaleza y del Desarrollo de Guinea Ecuatorial (ANDEGE) travelled to 18 destinations around the country to meet with local groups and talk about the Week of Action and ANDEGE's work as members of IANSA and the Central Africa Action Network on Small Arms (RASALAC).

As part of the Week of Action, Women for Peace and Democracy Nepal (WPD-Nepal), RUWON Nepal and Raksha Nepal jointly organised an interactive discussion in Kathmandu with women leaders on the impact of small arms on women and girls.

In Argentina, Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP) opened the Week of Action on 13 June with the launch of the campaign '#sumateydesarmate' ('Join and Disarm'), inviting members of the public to send in photos including the hash tag and spread the message in online forums.

The Philippine Action Network to Control Arms (PhilANCA) marked the Global Week of Action with a number of events on the theme "Save lives and protect human rights through an Arms Trade Treaty".

“Forming coalitions to say no to gun violence: what is everyone’s role?” was the topic of discussion at a conference organised by REBAL-BUANSA and the Permanent National Commission against the proliferation of SALW (CNAP) in Burundi on 17 June.

The Benin national section of the West African Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA) engaged with students, politicians and journalists to ensure the widest possible coverage of the week.

On 18 June, Save Youth Future Association held a workshop and theatre show about gun violence for 50 vulnerable young people in Gaza, Palestine.

On the final day of the week, Permanent Peace Movement organised training on the dangers of having a gun in the home.

In Sudan, Upper Hand Organisation held a community workshop to raise awareness about the harmful effects of armed violence, domestic violence and the mental health of people who are victims of armed criminal violence.

The Asian Youth Centre and the Centre for Policy Advocacy organised a public meeting on the ATT in Delhi that included a speech by Major Mitali of the Indian Army.

The Control Arms Foundation of India and Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network held a successful meeting in Imphal, Manipur on the India side of the Indo-Burma border.

On 16 June religious leaders from a range of faiths met at the Gandhi Study Centre in Chennai, India to discuss the formation of the first Interreligious Movement for an Arms Trade Treaty, led by Caritas International.

Grassroots In Action (GIA) organised a seminar for the Week highlighting the impact of small arms on people and how to stop proliferation and misuse of these weapons.

The Monitoring Mechanism Towards an Arms Trade Treaty (MMTATT) held a book signing at the New York Public Library on June 18.

In celebration of the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, Global Action to Prevent War (GAPW) organised a social media workshop on “Tweeting to End Gun Violence” in New York, US.

In Southern Sudan, members of the public participated in a series of radio debates to discuss solutions to “Gun violence as an obstacle to socio- economic progress in the new Republic of South Sudan”.